7 ml Spray Stick "Clip"

8 ml Spray Stick
7 ml spray stick: frosted transparent and cap with clip, in the standard color transparent with 4c all-round label. Pantone cap from 5,000 pieces screen printing on request.
CONTENT   Art.-No.:
Sun Spray SPF 30 (nanofree) VEGAN 9150108BXX
Sun Spray LSF 50 + (nanofree) VEGAN 9601108BXX
Antibacterial Spray   9601008BXX
Refreshing Spray VEGAN 9810108BXX
Anti Mosquito Spray   9800108BXX


  • 4c Wrap around label (included)

Folded card for the 7 ml Spray Stick

4c printing on both sides

Folded Card 6020000001